Mission Statement

We empower women (& men) in business to employ their genius to enjoy wellness and business success.

We facilitate mentoring, training programs, workshops and retreats where participants and organizations learn to expand their vision and creativity to realize their greatest goals and contributions.

Meet Marilyn

“I was interested in many things and couldn’t choose. Marilyn clarified which business goals to pursue first.”  

Sara Leighton

My money making tools help people see their true value. They’re simple, unorthodox yet effective and fun.  One career flows naturally into another.

“I knew what I wanted to do but was scared to try it.  Marilyn helped me get beyond self doubt and develop confidence.” 

Helen Berman

The Career 2000 program I created has helped thousands. My passion is seeing people embark on a path perfect for them aware their choices evolve with one career leading to another.

“Your program is affordable and effective.  I’ve tried others, and they didn’t work.  I highly recommend Marilyn to all my friends.”  

Nancy Caldwell

“I know what it’s like to be over-worked and under-paid.  I was forced to leave my dream job as a college instructor and administrator at Disney’s California Institute of the Arts due to illness and poor pay.  One October I was too sick to continue working.

When my doctor said I couldn’t return to work for a year, I was devastated. I soon decided it was time to graduate.  I’d gone straight from college into teaching. I had no idea what other career could work.

When I recovered, six months ahead of my doctor’s prediction. I searched for a new career and founded my own training company and soon earned 10 times my old salary.”