by Rev. Marilyn K. Miller, Career Coach & Prosperity Teacher • Copyright 2011.

In this New Economy, worry and fear can block prosperity. What you bless increases; what you worry about becomes stuck. In down economies, many people prosper using a specific, affirmative mindset and revised expectations.

To over come fear of lack, bless what you have. An attitude of gratitude clears doubt allowing you to see and hear new opportunities. With the economy singing the blues, you can counteract any tendency toward depression. The antidote is expression. Expressing thanks is one simple yet powerful way to express.

Practice recalling your blessings and writing them down. Many of us realize extraordinary blessings: the freedom to vote, worship, speak, assemble, and change jobs. if you own a pair of shoes, have 3 meals a day, a roof over your head and your own form of transportation, you are far richer than most of the people who have ever walked the planet.

Prosperity results from feeling grateful for what we’ve got, donating what we don’t use, and evaluating what we think we need. One powerful prosperity skill is to change perspective.

Einstein said, “You can never solve the problem on the level of the problem.” Look “up” into the limitless universe. Observe the cosmos: stars, galaxies, and endless space. When you look “down” at current conditions, it’s easy to worry. Spiritual leader, Ernest Holmes, said, “There never was a cosmic famine”. Today, the New Economy makes us think outside the box. New ideas surface when we look “up” and “see” beyond existing conditions.

Affirmations are great prosperity tools. Say and write, “I am grateful and prosperous” many times each day. Repeat this while driving, shaving, washing dishes. Write it on a card; put it on your mirror or refrigerator door; say it out loud.

Repeating affirmations sends out signals like a radio. While repeating affirmations, I’ve received new clients, increased income, even a new car. I also use: “I am open to receive money from expected and unexpected sources, thank you”. Watch what happens when you use this one, and email me your results. Blessings, Rev. Marilyn.