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Prosper Now

What if you could realize your money goals with no effort? People who make the most often work the least! They employ time tested, universal laws that attract the opportunities they desire. These laws are secret to most because they require understanding and persistent use. Most people would rather work hard than patiently practice the […]

Sustainable Prosperity

“Prosper Now” By Rev. Marilyn Miller Creating more prosperity is simpler than you think. Prosperity is more than creating a bigger income. Your true Source is Universal and not dependent on the economy, your job, or other circumstances. Step #1: Set Your Priorities Prosperity begins by focusing on the priorities that create an abundant life. […]

Here’s A Valentine Greeting

Valentines’ Day is the perfect time to call an old friend and thank your co-workers, teachers, and family members. Valentine’s are no longer just for lovers. They’re for everyone! Remember celebration is the highest form of human energy. Celebration brings vital life force to our very cells, the root of the word celebration. The celebration […]

Midwinter Planting of Seed Thoughts

  Midwinter Planting Seed Thoughts by Marilyn Miller. At Midwinter, February 4, 2012, the time of returning light, choose a Seed Thought and plant it in your subconscious. Seed thoughts are little gems to meditate on.  Contemplate a Seed Thought from list below and contemplate deeper and deeper meanings allowing their messages to be revealed.  […]

Crack Your Genius Code

Most people define GENIUS according to I.Q. This extremely limited index leaves out whole categories of GENIUS. Every one has a Genetic Code, which defines his or her biology and physiology but never defines the whole person. Your brilliance springs from your GENIUS CODE, your unique aptitudes, passions, imagination and creativity. Begin to discover & […]

Prosper in Any Economy

Why do some people prosper in times of economic downturn? During the GREAT DEPRESSION, many ordinary people were financially fine. When one is aligned with the unlimited universe rather than being focused on negative conditions, resources become available when there seems to be no supply. How do we stay aligned with the unlimited source when […]