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Holidays & Heroes Book

ISBN # 0-9763042-1-X

Holidays & Heroes Book

National & Religious Holidays of All Faiths

Holidays & Heroes explores the roots of holidays of diverse faiths. The ancient world used ceremonies and celebrations as rites of survival over harsh external conditions.

Few people in today’s culture know the deeper purpose of celebration which is to lift the human spirit. Conscious celebrations provide opportunities to triumph over trials and adversities. Stress is relieved as we celebrate minor & major victories.

Holidays & Heroes contains the roots of celebrations along with ways individuals and groups can create their own celebrations.

  • Triumph over Tension & Adversity
  • Enjoy Activities, Ceremonies, & Blessings
  • Create Meaningful Meals & Events
  • Lift Spirits Through Love & Appreciation
  • Bind Together Families, Groups & Communities

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Oracle Holiday Cards

The Holiday Oracle Card Deck contains positive symbols and affirmations that answer questions for young folks and adults. A positive meaning is written on the back of each card.

  • Depict the holidays & the 4 seasons with symbols, messages, themes, and affirmations.
  • Reveal holiday themes & values that answer life’s important questions.

Help kids 6 years up learn holiday facts & symbols. They build multi cultural awareness and are used in social studies, language arts, creative writing and art classes.

“These exciting cards are beautiful and meaningful. They’ve given me much inspiration. I use them in my classes and for myself.”    6th Grade Teacher

The author, Marilyn Miller, researched the roots, symbols and meanings of America’s holiday for 20 years. Her deep and concise conclusions are found in this book and colorful cards. They display the energy behind powerful celebrations.

The artist, Todd Chandler, award-winning graphic designer, has promoted some of the world’s finest products. Also known for fine art, he designs southwest story telling tables and garden art. Chandler Design (805) 272-8348

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