Rev. Marilyn K. Miller, Retreat & Ceremonial Leader

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“Rev. Marilyn K. Miller, Intuitive career & prosperity coach, retreat leader guides people to use personal GENIUS in careers, wealth and healthy lifestyles. She is a licensed career/life coach and ordained minister with 25 years experience. She conducts interfaith weddings & ceremonies. Her classes & Ojai retreats offer continuing education credit for MFT’s & LSW’s.

Rev. Marilyn, author & intuitive career counselor, serves people on the phone, Internet & leads classes, events, Ojai retreats, interfaith weddings & ceremonies in Ventura, Santa Barbara & L.A. Counties.”


Oracle – A source of wise counsel, prophetic prediction or precognition of the future.

Genius Code – A person’s gifts & attributes for some pursuit, special characteristics, imagination or invention.