Here’s A Valentine Greeting

Valentines’ Day is the perfect time to call an old friend and thank your co-workers, teachers, and family members. Valentine’s are no longer just for lovers. They’re for everyone! Remember celebration is the highest form of human energy. Celebration brings vital life force to our very cells, the root of the word celebration.
The celebration of love in February began in ancient Rome when young lovers imitated the behavior of the birds that began building their nests mid February. That Mediterranean climate you know.
Later a priest named Valentine was said to have performed wedding ceremonies in secret because the Empower wanted young men to go to war, not be distracted by marriage and families.
But we have Queen Victoria to thank for the proliferation of those beautiful lacy cards that were sent in the name of romantic love.
Today Valentine cards are created for anyone and everyone. What a great idea to remember those who we care about, those we truly love admire and appreciate.
I’m sending a special joyful Valentine wish to YOU today on the day we remember to say a heartfelt “I love you”. Plus I am asking you to pay it forward. You will feel so good and others will be so glad you took a little time to remember and appreciate them with a Valentine greeting.
For more information Valentine’s Day and other holidays, check out “Holidays & Heroes”, the roots, purpose & meaning of holidays for people of all faiths. www.OracleofOjai.

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