Marilyn Miller helps women in business who are sick and tired of not making enough money. She says, “Many busy women do a great job for clients and families but fail to make the money they deserve.”

Marilyn, founder/creator of Women’s Wealth & Health Academy has for twenty-five years mentored hundreds of women to create success and increase income.

As an underpaid, overworked college instructor/administrator, Marilyn became so ill, she was forced to quit working mid-semester. Determined to earn what she deserved, Marilyn founded a national training firm succeeding beyond her wildest dreams by earning a six-figure income.

Her easy to follow, step-by-step CLIENT ATTRACTION program helps women gain time/ money freedom to enjoy life and give to causes they champion. She says , “Throughout history, women have made huge contributions to social change. As women earn more, they contribute more.”

Marilyn has served on eleven non-profit boards and recently received a Literary Legend Award for her book on holy days of many faiths, “America’s Holidays & Heroes”. She also received the Global Community Builder Award from Women of Vision & Action, the Silver Microphone Award from the National Speakers Association, L. A. Chapter, and Motivating the Teen Spirit Award from the Foundation for Teen Self Esteem.