Prosper Now

What if you could realize your money goals with no effort?

People who make the most often work the least!
They employ time tested, universal laws that attract the opportunities they desire. These laws are secret to most because they require understanding and persistent use. Most people would rather work hard than patiently practice the spiritual principles that make these laws work for them. If you are one of the few willing to try them for 30 days, here’s a way to begin.

#1. Be completely CLEAR what you want.

#2. Write it down & believe it can happen.

#3. Review your words frequently – once a day or more.

#4. Decide how much money you want to make.

#5. Clarify what stands between you and making it (know your blocks, stops, fears, doubts).

#6. Acknowledge that in the realm of idea you already have what you want with gratitude.

#7. Forgive anyone & anything that you feel has EVER wronged you – this blocks prosperity.

#8. Continuously practice gratitude by writing daily at least 5 things for which you are grateful. Now you must be crystal clear YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT in your life, your work, your relationships.

#9. Turn your “wants” into intentions & your intentions into bite size goals you can measure.These are your stepping stones to success.

#10. Plan a success party to celebrate what you manifest.

#11.  One more step.  Publish your results and/or questions HERE!

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