Our guest today, Marilyn Miller, helps women in business who are sick and tired of not making the money they deserve increase their income while decreasing their financial stress.

She was an overworked, underpaid college instructor who left her dream job at California Institute of the Arts due to illness. Deciding she needed a new career and a better income, she founded her own company and was soon earning 10 times more than she did teaching.

Marilyn has served on 11 Boards of Directors and is the recipient of the Global Community Building Award from Women of Vision and Action and the Silver Microphone Award from the National Speakers Association.
She is the author of Holidays & Heroes a book about the Power of Celebration.

Welcome to the program:

1. Tell us about your illness and leaving Cal Arts. What happened?
2. After your recovery, you switched careers. Tell us about that?

3. Why did you decided to help women in business make more money?
4. What is the biggest obstacle to women making more money?
5. You wrote a book about celebrations. Is there a connection between celebrations and a person’s income?
6. How do you help women in business make more money with less financial stress?

Tell us about your Free Offer “7 Secrets to Wealth Building.” How can our readers get a copy?